The cure for the sinus headache

The cure for the sinus headache in which I reveal to you how I solved the medicine-free way to get rid of the pain.

Headaches are…well, a headache. Migraine, sinus, stress, “ordinary” – pick your poison. Too often, those pain pills just don’t do the trick. That’s why I am happy to share the cure for the sinus headache.

A chip off my Dad’s sinuses

My Dad is great. He has taught me a lot and I owe him a lot. Indeed, many of my traits I’ve been “bequeathed” by him.

My love of spicy foods. And fishing. Which, of course, leads to my love of seafood. And laughing. We both laugh a lot.

Of course, there are a few things I’ve been “gifted” from Dad that he might have been over-generous.

His klutz gene. He could have kept that to himself. And, his sinuses. The Daniels’ sinuses are legendary. And hereditary. Because, my sister has them and she graciously passed them onto her daughters. So, we all thank Dad and Grandpa for that, respectively.

No cure in my medicine cabinet

So, more frequently than I care for, I get sinus headaches. Pounding pain behind the eyeballs that just throbs and aches. Triggered by…who knows, but triggered nonetheless.

At that point, ibuprofen (Dad’s suggestion) or acetaminophen (other choice) have no discernible impact. Because the pain persists for hours. Until it goes away.

There’s an old saw that says if you’re experiencing a headache it’s already too late for medicine. That doesn’t entirely make sense to me, but the results certainly suggest some credibility.

And then there was a bang

Then, a loud bang outside my front door startled me out of my fuzzy reverie. What had the lawn maintenance people done now?

Turns out, it was a package (apparently literally) dropped off by FedEx. My new office chair. The old one has been chewed on by the center desk drawer for too many years.

I hoped to find one that was lower, allowing the arms to slide under the desk, but I guess they just don’t make nice rolling leather chairs that low. Meh.

Assembling chairs gives me a headache

Putting together furniture, in general, is miserable work. Anyone who has assembled an entertainment center knows whereof I speak.

Getting an office chair assembled is horrific work. From squeezing the cushioned sections together to line up holes to trying to get the screws locked into eye holes so deep that you can’t see where the screw end is.

And, top all that off with those awful little allen wrenches that do more to gouge into your hand than actually tighten screws.

I worked on that chair for what felt like hours. It was less than 45 minutes, but I was dripping with sweat. I mean actually dripping. I had to get a towel to wipe off the cushions and floor. Ridiculous.

The cure for the sinus headache

Finally, I got the chair assembled. Looks great, right? (Psst, up top, feature picture)

Funny thing I noticed – no more headache. Not even a distant throb. Nada.

It is a medical miracle. I have discovered the cure for the sinus headache. I wonder if I should publish a paper for the medical journals? I’m sure furniture manufacturers across the world would fund my continued research.

So, not just a medical revolution, but an economic boon. The possibilities are so endless it gives me a headache considering them. Time to build a new entertainment center, I guess.

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