The climate changes faster than politics


The old saying goes, “the more things change, the more things stay the same”. This is often less true than it seems. But, in this particular case, it is sadly the rule. The climate changes faster than politics.

Yes, Virginia, there is climate change

There are some strange faddish “beliefs” out there (or perhaps they should be called “disbeliefs”). Despite ample corroborating evidence to the contrary, though, some people actually cling to these ideas.

Let me diabuse a few…Yes, the earth is round. Yes, we landed men on the moon. And, yes, climate change is really happening.

If it gives you comfort, in some strange way, to believe the opposite, well, there’s not much I can do but shake my head sadly. Denying reality doesn’t change reality. But, perhaps you are at least happier in that untrue world.

I’ll spare you the hard science

I could spend paragraphs on the hard science backing up the conclusions of climate change scientists. Why, I could even share you a report from the current administration, an ominous warning about the future.

But, no, this isn’t about climate change, per se. It’s about the short-sighted refusal to take action over it.

Why so scared?

The part that baffles me is, why are so many politicians (mostly republicans, sorry to say) afraid of addressing this issue?

Do they not have kids and grandkids? Do they have no interest in the future of the globe (yes, round) we walk upon? What can possibly be so dangerous to examining and taking action on climate change?

Part of the problem

Even many republicans admit the climate is changing. Most of those, however, quibble over the cause. That’s telling.

If the climate is changing because of, “well, that’s just the way it is” (a truly scientific conclusion), then these politicians don’t have to take concrete action. After all, everyone knows you can’t change the weather.

On the other hand, if climate change is caused or exacerbated by man, um…that’s a problem. Because man-made problems have man-made solutions.

Of course, those solutions just may run afoul of large corporations with deep pockets that may not be as inclined to make large donations to reelection funds.

Taking the easy way out

So, it’s actually much easier (and safer) for many politicians to simply deny climate change.

Sure, they all sound just like they are saying man didn’t land on the moon or that the earth is flat, but, hey, they at least will get another term to repeat their mistakes.

In the meantime, days, weeks, months and futures are slipping away. Just like any other health maintenance, neglecting preventative measures only increases the risk of incurring a disease…and that it will be more virulent.

The climate changes faster than politics

But, that’s nothing new for politicians. This isn’t even “kicking the can down the road”. This is pretending there is no road in the first place.

Climate change is real. More, it’s a real danger. It is entirely selfish and self-centered to ignore its reality, especially if it’s because “it’s not in my lifetime”.

Shouldn’t we all want our children and our children’s children to have a healthy planet to live their lives? All it would take is a change of perspective from some stubborn head-in-the-sand politicians.

There’s always hope, of course, but I fear the climate changes faster than politics.

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