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I was a bit trepidatious (sorry, I get paid by the letter) at having another blog about names so quickly after the last, but as you will shortly see, it’s a totally different tack, so I’m thinking you’ll allow me the redundancy.  Although, let’s be serious, it’s hardly a pitchfork-and-torch offense.  Still, I wanted to get his out of the way early so we could all relax and be friends.

Some readers may have already noticed the complete absence of any names within the blogs so far.  Get used to it, since I prefer not to offer up anyone’s name during my rambling travels through my personal and social commentaries.  The reasons for this should certainly be obvious to you:  they haven’t asked to be put “in the public eye” (as if the nine of you reading this constitute a “public”; g’wan, get some of your friends over here and then we’ll talk public).

It’s not conceit that causes me to do this.  I am the least conceited person I know.  Intelligent, witty, funny, caring, compassionate and downright swell, sure, but definitely not conceited.  That would be arrogant.  No, I keep their names out of here because, well, I like a measure of privacy and presume they do too.

In choosing to write a book for public consumption, I have already chosen to crimp that privacy just to the level that the book is successful.  Let’s face it, if it sells 100 copies, I think my privacy is safe.  If it sells well enough for the entire series to be published in various formats, Jeremy Shuttle underwear and ziploc bags and sponsor deals from art supply companies, well, less privacy probably.  I believe the commonly used phrase for that is “it’s a nice problem to have”.

And, of course, there is the blog.

I have no fears discussing whatever crosses my mind, be it from my own life or my observations of life around me.  Sadly, I have no skeletons in my closet.  Perhaps you’ve seen those beer commercials with the “most interesting man in the world”?  Yeah, well I’m the other side (they only serve me Uno Equis).  Fortunately, being the most uninteresting man in the world isn’t a problem when I have a vivid imagination and some small skill in writing.

This is not to suggest that anyone I know has skeletons or that I would even know about them.  I am the least rumor-aware person in the world, as well..often I have to ask the person in front of me in the grocery checkout line who the people are on the tabloids.  Which has brought me the illuminating discovery that people don’t want you to ask them questions in the grocery checkout line.  You should try it sometime to add some color to your shopping trip.

Not only don’t I mention people names in the blog, I rarely even mention companies.  Not for fear of legal action.  Heck, I could use the publicity at this stage of my career!  Nope, it’s for the same reason as mentioned above.

So if you see references to “my niece” or “my last company”, it’s only me being polite and not a disingenuous attempt to hide details from you.  Anything else is fair game for this blog.  You name it!

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