The best laid plans of (skeletal) mice and men


Hoo boy! My crazy ideas may not kill me (though that’s still a possibility), but they sure are likely to drive me to the poor house!

So’s I’m beginning my Dead Thing Driveway display set up today, kicking off the 2017 Halloween season in earnest, and I came to a startling realization…my plans are way bigger than my stomach, or, more accurately, my wallet.

See, that cute picture leading off the post is nice, right? A tight close-up of the Animal Control skeleton side of the driveway. Looking good and cozy!

Now, take a look at what the remainder of that side of the driveway looks like. Yeah, I’m “smh”, too. And that’s just the south side of the driveway! Picture a set up equally as long and nearly as wide on the other side.

Oh my aching Dead Things!

Yup, I’m going to have to shell out a whole heck of a lot more money to get a whole heck of a lot more Dead Things. Which is okay, I suppose, though I don’t know where I’m going to keep them all (don’t forget, I also have to store all those edging stones and styrofoam blocks, too.

Never let it be said I hesitate in the face of great personal trauma. I immediately took to the virtual life support of the internet to investigate what was available to save me. And the results were as interesting as they were surprising.

Everyone calling on the “death” of brick and mortar retailers take note: it was not Amazon that had the best selection or prices on Halloween skeleton creatures. In fact, through a combination of Target, Wal-Mart and JoAnn Fabrics (yeah, I didn’t see that one coming either), I’ve netted a bunch of Dead Things at cheaper prices than Amazon. Who’da thunk?

Despite all that, I envision needing to buy plenty more for my Pied Piper (north) side of the driveway. Thank goodness I’m such a combination of Nervous Nellie and Eager Beaver that I started so early. It just might take me until Halloween week to get everything in and set up.

On the other hand, as I was mapping out the “floor plan” for all the Dead Things facing off or running from the Animal Control skeleton, it came to me in a flash what next year’s theme will be…

Revenge of the Dead Things!

And the good part is, I finally think I have enough Dead Things to pull off next year without a wallet-busting rescue.

At least, that’s the plan.

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