That’s a wrap!


thats a wrapNow that we’re done with all the packing up of Halloween (it’s a two-day affair), some random thoughts on this year’s holiday extravaganza:

– For the first time in at least a decade (no exaggeration), we had perfect weather for Halloween!

– Likewise, my outside power outlet, which has its own circuit breaker, had been tripping after a few hours under the load.  Halloween, it stayed on until the next morning!

– My first trick-or-treaters came around 3:30 pm.  They said their parents don’t let them out at night (although I thought they came back later with costumes, but who can be sure?)

– Business was brisk, but tight.  In years past the trick-or-treaters were spread out, this year they all came within a roughly 2-hour span.

– I’m getting better at the goody bags.  I prepared for 74 (30 older boy, 20 older girl and a dozen each of younger boy and girl).  A surprising run on older girl and younger boy left me close to zero, but otherwise I had plenty for all.

– The weirdest moment?  A group of five boys, aged 7-14 (it’s tough to gauge; as I get older, they look younger, plus costumes) came by.  The little one goes “Wow, are you decorated inside the house?” and proceeds to just walk in the home, through the hallway and into the living room to check out decorations and movie (“It’s Oz!”).  I told the others I was trading their gift bags for the boy (he could help me clean up).  He decided to leave after all.

– A couple of little ones were a bit scared at the whole scene (especially with the fog rolling over my “morgue”), but everyone was thrilled with the goody bags.  It was hilarious watching the tiny ones trying to hold their goody bags, which might have weighed almost as much as them!  I did post signs warning people to come to my house last.

– Many rewarding comments from trick-or-treaters (young and old) and their parents.  It tends to wash away all the tiredness and renew my excitement for NEXT year.

– As usual, packing up, stuff never fits back in the box the same way it came out.

– Grand total, just short of 50 kids, not counting dupes.  I did better on candy, too, only leaving myself some Kit Kats and Hershey’s to slowly get rid of (read:  eat).

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