That’s not right


left handedAccording to information I just Googled (I still hesitate to call it “facts”, even though we all know that everything on the internet is true), lefties comprise only 10% of the population.  Oddly, the same information suggests righties don’t make the remaining 90%.  Part of the rest is made up of “multi-handers” (as opposed to ambidextrous).  Odd.

Anyhoo, it’s no secret that I’m thoroughly left hand dominated.  As I watch the thin white line that is my new scar form on the bottom of my left palm, I realized that I am also left hand (and arm) injury dominated.

Way back when I was out on my own for the first time, I had a fourth floor apartment (condo, really).  The cool thing about being up in the air (actually, the ONLY cool thing) is that you get a great cross wind if you’ve got east-west windows, which I did.

One time, the kitchen window (standard vertical slider, with a latch in the middle) was stuck.  It was off track and needed to be jerked back in place to move up.  After some considerable effort yielded no result, I leaned in with my strong-arm and hand braced against the window and…the hand went through the window.  Talk about not knowing your own strength!

Another of those “near misses” I have so recently enjoyed.  A glass shard wedged itself into my left wrist.  I decided not to pull it out and instead drove to the clinic a few minutes away for them to do it.  No biggie, other than a little scar on the left wrist.

Years of various sports and outdoor activities led to a malfunctioning A-C joint in my (duh) left shoulder which required arthroscopic surgery and extensive rehab.

A few years after that, the dermatologist determined I needed to have some surgery on the upper part of (yup) my left arm.  Throw in another white line.

Now, I have my newest reminder of just how much a lefty I am.  I mean, come on!  Every injury I’ve ever had on my hands or arms has been on my left?

That’s not right.

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