That’s not right


not rightDay two of resting the left arm and hand.

Strength is returning fairly swiftly, though there is still some quavering when holding a full glass.

Today coincided with my trip to the barber, a roughly 40-minute drive. This presented a couple of problems for me.

For one thing, I’m a two-handed driver. 10 and 2, baby! Also, I’m a bit of a gripper. So, using the left hand for driving would be the exact opposite of resting. Not only would it be in an outstretched position (10 o’clock), but with my fingers clamped around the wheel, my forearm muscles would be in constant tension.

I made the effort to drive single-handed. Right-handed.

Regular readers know I’m a lefty. And not just “sorta” lefty, but more like 99.675% dominant lefty.

Years ago, in my less law-abiding years, I frequently drove one-handed. But it was my left hand, with my right often draped over the passenger seat or on the console.

Driving exclusively right-handed was instructive. I swayed across the lane reflectors a few times and occasionally corrected more than I had to. It was also a bit uncomfortable for the right arm (just what I need, strain the right arm protecting the left).

Fortunately it was a relatively short ride. Also fortunately, I expect I’ll need only a few more days of resting the left arm to get back to full strength.

But it was interesting, for sure. Driving without my left hand is just not right.

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