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thats easyHaving finally graduated to Hermit – Junior Class, one thing that becomes immediately apparent is I better be doing the shopping myself if I want any holiday presents.

Unlike Brave Sir Robin, however, I know the answer to the questions three, and both my quest and my favorite color come into  play.

Owing to the “new economy”, I can do most of my shopping from my comfy chair (no soft cushions needed). Up until recently, I had been mostly using Amazon, since I was a Prime member and would get free 2-day shipping.

Now, sometimes, the three answers are easy and, off you go!, I’m done with my quest. Such was the case with the two remaining seasons of a TV comedy I had come to much appreciate (Chuck) and wanted to own. Patience, patience, patience brought the prices to under $10 for each season via Amazon.

But, just as the capital of Assyria is not so easy to locate, not everything is best located in Amazon.

For instance, I wanted new water filters for my lovely, but 7-year old LG refrigerator (no, the current filters weren’t 7-years old, but I was only a Hermit – Acolyte back then and simply bought them at Home Depot).

Typing in the model number in the trusty Chrome search bar produced numerous offers. I selected one that was half the price of the cheapest Amazon choice. I had to buy 3 to get free shipping, but that will just make it easier to move up to the next Hermit class.

Similarly, I was looking for shipping envelopes for my What if? giveaway that will end the first week of January. Interestingly, I was able to order a case of 100 for nearly the same price as 25 via Amazon.

I’ve been searching for a long time for new bath towels that both complemented my granite countertop color scheme and didn’t have those nasty crimps in them.

I spent some previous days at Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target and other stores looking at towels and prices. Meh.

Once again, the search bar was my friend and, of all places, Macy’s had both color and style (dobby-free!) that fit my liking. They were massively discounted (bringing them about in line with the discount chain prices) and then had further 20% marked off. Hoo hah!

Now, if it seems I may have tremendously boring ideas for holiday gifts, well, there’s a number of things that differ between you “normal” people and us hermits.

However, recognizing that I’m only Hermit – Junior Class, I do have to occasionally (ugh) go out in public. I decided it was time to accept the new reality and give up the ghost on my 30 waist shorts. This despite losing 4 pounds during my recent commitment to diet and exercise. Wherever those pounds came from, it wasn’t from around the waist. Meh.

Obviously, that left me…er…short…shorts. Oddly enough, Macy’s came back into play. I wonder if I should risk actually going into one of those stores someday. Maybe if they hadn’t taken over one of my old favorite stores – Burdines. I’m still honked about that.

Sales, added discounts and free shipping later and I would have my shorts at my door within the week.

Sure, you might say, I could just as easily go to the stores. But that would be shopping. Having random packages show up at my door on random days…that feels like holiday gifts!

Fast, free shipping on everything and not a European swallow in sight.

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