That’s a wrap – 2015


Thats a wrap 2015Time for the annual post-Halloween wrap-up. What was good, what was bad and what’s next.

Looking at the whole of the Halloween season, I can’t really find anything that falls in the “bad” category. That’s pretty incredible, considering everything that can go wrong, so we start out already in a good place.

Let’s look at the good, then, with the accompanying “not-as-good-but-not-really-bad” stuff…

– The weather was quite conscientious. Really, just a few days of blustery winds and only a couple of rain storms. Taking into account the decorations were up for two whole weeks, that’s a terrific gift from Mom Nature.

– The Halloween party was a smash, with some non-recurring guests popping in for the first time in a while or first time ever. It turned out my “over-cooking” was not so much after all and a couple of requests for take-home packages (for sick or absent guests) were challenged by some empty food trays.

– Everyone stayed long enough to see the lights on in full (and the fog machine in action). The house received rave reviews from both guests and trick or treaters alike. I won’t stroke my ego in the blog, but some of the compliments were effusive.

– My friend’s 4-year old son enjoyed helping me handing out bags. That flipped fairly quickly as he confidently informed me that I would tell him which kids get what bags and he would handle all the deliveries. (Until he got tired and his grandma took him home, where he fell asleep in the car before she got two blocks away from my house).

– Having Halloween and the party on the same night was exhausting, more so the next day when I had to do all the clean-up and packing up (don’t let the photo fool you…that’s three layers deep in the closet). But my friends got to see the excitement generated by my display and goody bags (for both the trick or treaters and me).

– I was electrically challenged this year as the load on the outside power box tripped its breaker one evening. I got around this by connecting a 50-foot extension cord into a house socket for one side of the display, but I need to figure that out for later years as my decorations have to keep topping the previous year.

– My body took a beating these last two days getting everything put away (cumulative, after two days of cooking and party set-up), though next year Halloween is on Monday, so the weekend party and clean up should not drain me as much.

– Thinking about next year’s display, I’ve already suggested one idea. I’m also thinking of dropping the light strings (a line of monofilament (fishing) line from the house to the mailboxes) and work on “grouped” lighting next year. That will help open up more room for inflatables.

– The trouble with building goody bags is that there is no predictability to turnout. Despite this Halloween being perfect weather and on a weekend, I had fewer visitors than last year. Worse, since I ran out of all but one age/gender group last year, I built extra for this year, leaving me with a lot more to pack up. Oh well, maybe they were out elsewhere because it was a Saturday night. With next year on a weekday, perhaps it will be heavier.

It was fun, it was tiring and it was rewarding, as ever. One day (perhaps soon) this will be too much for me to do solo, but until then I will keep trying to “wow” the neighborhood.

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