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tchaikovsky 5thMy Dad hooked me into classical music at an early age.  While my friends were spinning 45’s of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, I was playing 33’s of Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Mussorgsky and Mozart.

Beethoven would develop into my “favorite”, though it seemed like I had a favorite piece for almost every composer.  While it was always a close call between his Piano Concerto and his Violin Concerto, for my reference today, I introduce you to Tchaikovsky’s 5th Symphony.  (No, I’ve included no “clip”.  It’s a wonderful piece of music.  Just go listen to it.)

I (apparently) had listened to this particular symphony before my Dad got around to it and I eagerly introduced it to him by picking up an 8-track (yes, it’s true) recording for us to listen while we were in the car.  Classical music was killer accompaniment as we wound the miles away to fishing trips down in the Keys.  I got a little excited in the final movement, because I was so tickled by the “trick” Tchaikovsky played.  I pointed out to Dad the part he was listening to was not the ending as he suspected.  Then I pointed out the next section was not quite the end.  I was going to point out again, when he told me to shut up (in more Dad-like words…although, come to think of it, he just might have said “Shut up already!” – I do get that a lot).

Now, of course, it was not that Tchaikovsky was putting in a bunch of endings (or maybe he was, I’m just a listener of music, not a scholar), it was just the fun of it appearing he was.  And that long intro leads us to the heart of today’s post.

I can’t seem to end my book!  Or more precisely, I’ve ended my book, but it just keeps going.  A week ago, I could have sworn to you the book was headed toward the climax at Chapter 24.  I had it mapped, I almost knew all the dialog, all that was left was to write it.

But then a twist occurred and that needed another chapter.  And a complexity needed to be properly explained and that needed another chapter.  And then the showdown ended up too big and that needed another chapter.  And now the book needs an epilogue to really wrap things up (or will it?).  As it looks right now, the book is going to be 30 chapters, plus an epilogue.  That is if I don’t find I need another chapter in the process (while I have three chapters left, technically, I’m 4 chapters into overtime).

I feel like I’ve got a handle on everything now and feel confident I know when the book will end.  Of course, I thought that before.  Let’s just hope I don’t end up needing another book to end the story.  A four-book trilogy?  Now that would be a stretch.

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