That was sweaty!


that was sweatyAs far back as I can remember, I always wanted to own a home with a garage.  Most of that reason was for somewhere to put my car in the summer.  I may like the heat, but I don’t like what it does to car interiors.  100+ degrees and everything burns (hands, legs, you name it)!

That’s one of the reasons why millions of Florida homes have garages.  Of course, most people in Florida don’t use their garages for their cars.  They use it for just about everything and anything else.

Florida’s landmass doesn’t lend itself to basements.  Florida’s temperature doesn’t lend itself to attics (at least, not in the commonly associated sense).  So, outside of a plot of land big enough for a shed, the garage is the storage unit of last resort.

I didn’t get a garage when I bought my home.  My salary didn’t support a nice home and a garage.  As it turns out, my aversion to moving outweighed my desire for a garage, so 20 years later I still don’t have a garage.

I have a storage room, though.

Think of a medium size closet, about what you might have in a small master bedroom, and you can picture my storage room.  It’s just big enough to store all my holiday decorations and any loose items to hide away during hurricane watches.

Safely enclosed from the elements also means safely enclosed from air flow, as I was reminded this weekend.   After my three-day cleaning of the back patio, I dove into the storage closet to pull out all my Halloween goodies for inventory and prep.

First, I had to unload all of the stuff I had loaded in prior to my trip.  These were mostly things from the patio that could be weaponized by an unfriendly tropical monster.  Of course, my storage closet is on the front of the house, so it was lugging things like propane tanks and folding chairs to the back patio.  By this time I was sweating pretty heavily.

Finally, I reached the Halloween goods.  First box – lights.  Second box – more lights.  Third box – even more lights.  The fourth box had Halloween goods.  The fifth box had my towels, table cloths and miscellany.  The sixth box had Halloween decorations.  The seventh box had more Halloween decorations.  The eighth box had even more Halloween decorations.

That was it.  Two boxes of Halloween goodies.  I scratched my head (and wiped more sweat from my brow and face).  What the heck?

The answer to my puzzlement is grist for a future blog post.  What was more salient to this post was that I now had to load back all those other boxes I did not need (at least for a month or so).

Back into the tiny room.  By this time, the sun had passed over the roof and was sending its warm love my way.  My shirt joined my face in sweaty celebration as I vowed to do a smarter job packing up after this year’s Halloween.

Sweaty work, but at least the rest of my efforts with the goody bags will all be within the air-conditioned comfort of my home.

Though, lest you think October in South Florida is like anywhere else in America, I’ll be sweating up a storm during setup for Halloween next month.

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