That was quick


Welp, Comcast and I are on the outs again. Even given the tumultuous nature of our relationship, that was quick.

As I’ve recently mentioned, I’ve been seriously looking into 4K TV’s. During the period between reviewing TV’s and buying one (more tomorrow), Comcast and I struck a deal.

Mind you, it wasn’t my intention to add back cable. I was calling about a problem with my email client. We never resolved that issue, but the rep on the line pushed hard for a cable deal for me.

She actually found one I could agree on, a “double play” (internet and cable, no phone) with HD. I was teetering when I asked about DVR.  She said it was $10/month more and I said, nah!

Not to be denied, she added the DVR for free. So, now I had my 220 channels, HD, DVR and kept my higher speed (150 mbps) internet. $35 more a month. Or, in essence, $5 more than my last deal, which ended and they wanted to charge me $40 more (on top).

As a bonus, I could get $5 per month off by going paperless. Since I’m paperless everything (except bathrooms), I was looking good.

One thing, though, I asked her. I’m getting a 4K TV shortly. Should I just order the 4K box and wait?

No, she said, there’s no up charge or change for switching to a 4K box and you can just go to a local office and get it.

Kewl, I said, but I’m sure she heard “cool”.

Flash forward. The TV (with the Geek squad) is coming this Saturday. Comcast and I have been together (again) for ten days and we’re feeling pretty good about our future together (at least the 2 years of the contract).

I call up to make the switch to the 4K box. The (different) rep says it has to be shipped. She waived the $15 cost and sent me the change order to approve.

Cue the cartoon double-take. There’s a $10 a month charge for DVR showing. ‘Splain, please.

She says that’s “required” on the 4K box. I explain I was sold the package based on free DVR, regular or 4K. She says she can’t handle my issue and I have to call “Customer Solutions”.

Funny thing, despite the misnomer of Customer Solutions, they’re not open on Sundays. As if customers don’t need solutions on Sunday?

Of course, any of you who have had dealings with Comcast know where this is going. Customer Solutions says, yeppers, can’t delete that $10 a month charge. Oh, by the way, you can pick up your box at the local office after all.

I say, how about I drop off my current box and we can send break up emails back and forth to each other.

So she did, so I did and that’s the story of my most recent Comcast relationship. Ten days. Even for us, that was quick!

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