That sounds like a cool idea

That sounds like a cool idea - Road Trip!

More than a week past my very last birthday BBQ, things are well back in order around the JMD household. During the BBQ, I brought up my desire to plan something big for my roundy next year. The general consensus was “that sounds like a cool idea”. Then I threw it open to the floor.

For those who came in late

National Baseball Hall of Fame
Roundy birthday adventure?

Not that you check back on the JMD blog each and every day (hey, even I don’t do that, so there’s no point in you looking for something new), but here’s a link to my first idea for my roundy celebration.

The basics, in case you don’t want to read, are that I missed out on the Baseball Hall of Fame on my GNABRT and that every state has a Hall of Fame.

Explaining my idea for a (smaller) road trip to visit Halls of Fame around the country got my first “that sounds like a cool idea”.

On the other hand…

Then I threw out my next thought – instead of a Hall of Fame road trip, what about a fishing road trip?

Same concept, traveling around America, just instead of man-made merchandising centers, I would explore a different type of fishing across different states.

Fresh water, salt water, lakes, canals, you name it. Sure, it would probably require me to buy a whole bunch of new fishing equipment (some that I might not ever use again), but I wouldn’t want to bank on there being rented or supplied equipment, especially if I don’t take a “guided” trip.

The body of people who nodded and said “that sounds like a cool idea” was much smaller, but very enthusiastic.

But wait, what about…

Another idea I threw out was a little bit of both. Sort of.

What if I took a road trip to a bunch of America’s National Parks. Not a particularly original idea, but it’s not like the beauty and wonder of those places is at all diminished by thousands of other people enjoying them before me.

This one got the most widespread approval. One of my friends wanted to know if they could join or meet up with me during the trip. I mentioned it was intended for my birthday next year and she said she wanted to go earlier.

That sounds like a cool idea

Would I join someone else on some national park visits and then choose one of the other ideas? Should I skip the smaller trip this year and stick to my big plans for my roundy?

Or, I could continue to work up ideas for next year’s big birthday. Maybe even come up with something that didn’t require me to drive thousands of miles all by myself.

Yeah, maybe something other than a solo road trip. That sounds like a cool idea.

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  1. Steve

    The idea of you visiting and enjoying the National Parks and blogging about it is a great idea, no matter when you go.


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