Thank goodness for Florida weather


Florida weatherRained out from tennis again…thank goodness.

Every year, there always seems to be a lot of chatter about “this is the worst [fill in] ever”.  Winters are more wintry and summers are more summery.  Maybe it’s true; maybe nature is starting to fight back.  Maybe it’s just our imagination.  In any case, we get a lot of rain in the summer months.

Usually (and I can say this, being a lifer here), our rain arrives in late afternoon in the form of a loud and flashy thunderstorm.  The sardonic prediction is it usually arrives just in time for people getting out of work, transforming rush hour into slush hour.

This works fine for me, since the rain is usually gone by early evening and the tennis courts have plenty of time to dry.  Strangely, the rains have been coming later this summer and the courts have had plenty of puddles to prevent play.  Thank goodness!

In lieu of the tennis, I have been heading back out in the morning for my walks.  This has had a number of positive effects, for if tennis unleashes my inner warrior, walking releases my inner peace.

My walks, as mentioned in earlier posts, are for my mind, not so much my body.  They are almost narcotic in the way it relaxes me.  The colors seem more vivid and the sounds seem more clear.  My path bounces between bright-hued flowers of orange and red and verdant carpets of symmetry that, up close, turn out to be startling varieties of grasses, weeds and plants.

The trip is one I’ve traveled dozens (hundreds?) of times and still there is the occasional surprise “discovery”.  Today, I noted a striking orange flower straddling a canal on a south-north part of my walk.  Mingled with other flowers of pink and lavender, these plants are most likely considered weeds.

On my “stretch run” east-west return, the pink and lavender flowers continued, but no orange ones were to be seen.  Was the presence of  the canal the originating factor?  Perhaps some ecosystem combination of the ducks and turtles?

The answer is irrelevant.  Looking the flower up would only give me knowledge, which is simply a single certainty, and my walk is about mystery and the infinite possibilities my imagination can create.

The few walks I’ve had the fortune of returning to have already opened my mind to new ideas (or perhaps merely re-opened).  As I finish typing this, I see the dark clouds heading my way with their daily promise of thundering rains.

That’s Florida weather for you.  Thank goodness!

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