Testing 1…2…3


“Downer Week” is over, but Dad’s trials continue.

We’re at the cautiously optimistic phase of our waiting, even in the face of the dreaded request for a bone marrow test as the doctors continue to puzzle over the exact cause of Dad’s otherwise perfectly healthy kidneys going bonkers.

Having spent many hours over the last week joining Dad and my Stepmom in the hospital, I can definitively say that our basic instinct about not wanting to be in hospitals is absolutely true.

Beyond the obvious conclusion that to be in the hospital you must have a problem (absent maternity, of course), the more compelling argument beyond that is the endless parade of nurses and therapists that all have some manner of tests to perform.

Sure, taking blood pressure, pulse and temperature are painless, but the repetition and timing are disturbing both on a psychological level and on a purely physical level (such as when you are trying to sleep).  And those are the easy tests.

When you have other issues, such as Dad, then you have blood samples.  And checks on blood sugar, which might mean insulin injections.  And if you have respiratory complications, well, there’s the breathing tests.  Depending on your seriousness, there’s CAT scans (among others) and IV’s, as well.

Now, add some uncertainty to the nature/cause of the problem and you can get into the more fun stuff such as the biopsies (kidney, bone marrow, etc.).  The beat goes on.

We’re hopeful that the latest test (results in the next two days) tells us nothing bad.  With Dad’s rapidly improving kidney functions, we may yet escape this ordeal with only an excessively large bill to cover (in excess of supplemental medical).  It’s not a small price to pay, to be sure, but it’s worth a “clean” bill of health and robust outlook for the future.

But, geez, can we give a rest on the tests?

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