Tempted by the fruit of another


temptedTrilogy, that is.

During this period of indecision of which story idea to jump into next, it’s difficult to resist the temptation to continue the adventures of young Jeremy and his extraordinary sketchbook.

It’s not as if I have a tale plotted out.  I know, if I choose to do it, the story will be set a few years in his future.  I have a vague outline of the story and some exotic ideas for him to draw himself into, but I don’t want to get trapped into “just” doing Jeremy stories.

For a fact, I’m not sure I want to publish any more books.  Oh, I want to keep writing; I enjoy that too much to stop.  I have a more philosophical view of publishing my writing now.

Considering the small audience I’ve garnered (due mostly to my shortcomings in marketing skill), my writing may make more sense as a hobby than a profession.

The plus side to that is there will be little pressure of deadlines and target audience approval.  The downside is the potential loss of work ethic (it’s much more likely to complete a project when you know someone is waiting for it).

I have two current ideas in various stages of progress.  One has about a half-dozen chapters written and the rest outlined.  Another is in “scraps” form (bits and pieces of plot written down whenever the ideas floated to me).  Both are markedly different from the YA adventures of Jeremy.

But the affection I have for Jeremy and his family; my own interest in seeing how (if?) his relationship with Natalie develops and some way out there concepts of where to go with the sketchbook are attractive and seductive.

Much like the lyrics of the song, the plot for another trilogy is out there tempting me.

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