The Temptations are Kool (aid)


temptationsIt’s temptation week on the JMD blog.  What that means, you’ll find out as the week progresses, but we’ll start off literal.

I’ve heard the term “child of the 60’s” numerous times over my life and it’s always puzzled me.  The people who it seems to refer to appear to have been teenagers during the 60’s.

I was a real child of the 60’s (literally born in 1960), so I know whereof I speak.  The popular music of my childhood included the greatest hits of what is now called “oldies”.

Between the British invasion and ever-expanding rock and roll, there was plenty of fun music to spin on the record players.  Since albums were more of a luxury, it was the 45’s we had bunches of as kids (and had to use that goofy plastic thing to stick in the wider middle of the 45’s).

Motown was also blasting its way through all the radio stations and one of my all-time favorite groups was the Temptations.  As seamless in performance as they were in singing, they had hit after hit to enjoy.

In my most recent walk, my playlist hit on “Since I Lost My Baby”, another smooth, finger-snapping tune.  About three lines in, I was jolted into thinking about another popular phenomenon from that time, Kool Aid.

Check out these clips below and tell me who do you think:

Listen for this one for a second or two  and then come back and click this one.  You’ll know what to listen for.

So, tell me, then.  Who do you think should sue who?  I side with the Temptations, personally, since I preferred Hawaiian Punch anyway.

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