Taking a break from the talking heads

Taking a break from the talking heads - giving the TV a rest for a while from all the reporters and pundits trying to spoil my holidays.

Ah, the end of year holidays. A time where many take a break from work. Some will take a vacation, others will visit family. A lot of people take breaks around this time. Myself, I’m taking a break from the talking heads.

‘Tis the season for talking heads to shush

One of either the great benefits or horrible tragedies of my retirement is that I am able to consume a lot more information. I hesitate to go full out and call it “news”, because a lot of it is repetition and some of that is opinion.

Still, my days have a large portion taken up with talking heads on TV. Generally, it works out for me in that I can work a jigsaw puzzle on the dining room table and listen to the talking heads…well…talk.

A little peace and quiet, if you please

Still, coming into the holidays, I have had my fill of the voices. And the noise. I know the issues and I’m well enough informed to take a break for a couple of weeks and just decompress. I mean, family gatherings are stressful enough, right?

Oddly, when I remove talking heads from my TV menu, I find I rarely watch TV at all. Whatever will I use for background noise when puzzling?

Not taking a break from news

But, it’s not like I’m going ignorant of the world around me. I still peruse the online news sites and I have my daily local paper. That’s enough information without the noise or opinion (unless you count the letters to the editor).

Frankly, it’s less oppressive or offensive to read off the websites, even those that I am not in sync with their “slant”. It’s just cleaner without the barking back and forth.

And, of course, there’s my day job

Well, yeah, not really, but I’ve mentioned how I do proofreading and editing duties for two small indie computer game developers.

Computer games are like any other product in the sense that they also shoot for release to hit the holiday shopping season.

One of the devs managed to squeeze his game out before the end of the year. The other is releasing in early January. The gap is fortuitous for me, as I am able to give each script the time they (and I) need.

Taking a break from the talking heads

So, there’s a big benefit in my taking a break from the talking heads on TV. It allows me time to work on my “job” and keeps me (reasonably) stress free during the hectic holiday period.

I expect to be back “on the air” next week. After all, I have a half-dozen or so jigsaw puzzles to get to. Nothing makes talking heads more appealing than when I’m only half-listening to them.

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