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Time to hit those New Year’s resolutions

Excellent. My holiday season is over, so while you have to deal with Thanksgiving (my sister’s job) and Christmas (no kids and my nieces are both grown), I can get a head start on my New Year’s resolutions. Nothing so grand, just regular stuff. Let’s break it down into 4 big categories: Home is where… Read more »

The man with no plan

My current writing project is not proceeding as planned. That’s not a surprise, since I haven’t got anything planned for it at present. So far, I’ve got my germ of an idea and some characters. I’ve also got some character motivations, but as to what motivated those motivations, I’m still unsure. I’ve mapped out a… Read more »

Write brained

  I’m a lefty and that means I’m right brain dominant.  Does that mean anything?  Actually, no.  It’s pretty much been debunked the whole left brain/right brain thing (despite the many “fun” tests and quizzes you are asked to try). But there’s no denying I like creativity.  I’ve always enjoyed reading others’ imagination.  I’ve always… Read more »

No more weekends off

Over the five years and many hundred of blog posts on my website, I’ve held to a fairly regular irregular schedule.  I work a daily blog for as many as all five weekdays and take the weekends off. I haven’t posted every day, as I have to find something that interests me to post first… Read more »

Nothing passes the miles like writing

Sometimes my mind just clicks.  Everything works in tandem and I experience a wonderful focus (for what it’s like when my mind is not clicking, tune in for tomorrow’s post). Now that I’m expanding my walking distance in the morning, there is a redundancy setting in.  The path is much the same each day, just… Read more »

Are you a writer?

I took my friend and her son to the Renaissance Festival last weekend and a good time was had by all.  He was especially thrilled by the extra-large bag of kettle corn, from which we filled his personal little paper bag in astonishing frequency. During the course of our wanderings, we came across a tent… Read more »

Road work

Continuing my series of posts related to my upcoming Great North American Baseball Road Trip… One of my friends, upon hearing of my big driving adventure, said, “Don’t go alone, take Jeremy with you.” It’s probably good advice.  Though the trip is not planned as a book tour (there will be little enough time for… Read more »


Today was my first visit to a “regular” doctor in two years.  It was time to get my stitches removed and I combined it with my not-so-annual physical (hey, when you don’t pay for insurance, it’s economical to combine appointments). Getting ready to head out for what was sure to be a revealing visit (full physical…fun!),… Read more »