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Wireless begone!

Alternatively, this post could have been called “Son of Wireless” or “Wireless, the Sequel” since it’s a direct descendent of my post much earlier this year.  You probably should read that one first, so go now, before it’s too late:( Digression:  Yes, I finally started adding the actual link to the blog post.  I realize how… Read more »


Another foray into the never-ending battle between my and today’s technology.  Read on… I get it.  Really, I do.  You have to keep buying the new stuff because…well…it’s the new stuff.  And I do buy it.  Really, I do.  I just don’t buy it as quickly as everyone else. I’ve already detailed how others have… Read more »

I need a f***ing TV

Our latest adventure starts with a shopping and lunch date with Dad. <Digression:  I am fortunate and favored to have all this time to spend with my Dad; be they the large family get togethers or the one-off lunches or (more rarely now) the occasional fishing trip.  I wish I had this much free time… Read more »

Compute this!

Yeah, I got your user friendly right here. The new computer arrived about the time it was originally scheduled to ship (it’s like Scotty on Star Trek…tell ‘em it can’t be done for 3 days and have it done in an hour), which eased my mind because I thought it would arrive (typically) on the… Read more »