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All webbed up and nowhere to go

Continuing our “Tales from Limbo” during the period between finishing the books and having them all up for sale. By this time, the website is finished, meaning there’s nothing left to do to the site. Sure, there is an FAQ that’s a wee bit dated (does anyone even read those?) and the message board could… Read more »

Between vision and reality

Book Three of the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures is being released this month and that means a refresh to the website is required. From years of work as an artist and advertiser, I have a well-developed design sense and have always had a clear view of how I want my website to look.  That’s not always… Read more »

It’s obvious!

Well, at least it is to us… Ever notice how sometimes someone totally misunderstands what you told (or wrote) them?  I mean, jeez, what do you have to do, spell it out for them? Usually couldn’t hurt. My most recent reminder of this difficulty was an email I sent off to my web designer for… Read more »

When in doubt, remember Dirty Harry…

Time passes slowly while we are in the moment, but glance back over your shoulder and you see that it has sped by. July is here, signifying half the year is gone already.  It also brings to a close The Big Birthday Celebration promotion.  That means it’s time to redesign the website home page once… Read more »


Well, I’m glad that’s over! It’s not easy to develop website mockups when you don’t work in HTML.  In my design past, I’ve been more geared to small publications and have generally used PC publishing software (all the way back to its inception in the old Mac/Amiga days). Most recently, I’ve used Microsoft Publisher for… Read more »