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Laptop, thy name is error!

We’re waist deep into editing and rewriting now and one thing is painfully clear about Book Three:  Man, I made a ton of typing errors. By now, you’re all familiar with my process.  Bring the laptop to the beach, type away blindly (due to the glare) until sweat, rain or brain-lock brings the writing to… Read more »

Wireless begone!

Alternatively, this post could have been called “Son of Wireless” or “Wireless, the Sequel” since it’s a direct descendent of my post much earlier this year.  You probably should read that one first, so go now, before it’s too late:( Digression:  Yes, I finally started adding the actual link to the blog post.  I realize how… Read more »

Padding my writing

With the return of normalcy to my day-in and day-out life, I’ve been able to get back into the writing frame of mind again. Regular readers know that I changed my technique for Book 2 (“What Next?”) vs. Book 1 (“What If?”).  Whereas I used to bring the laptop to the beach with me and type… Read more »

Writing properly

I’m a lefty. Now, that’s not inherently a bad thing.  Yes, it makes looking for sports equipment more challenging.  And sure, those little credit card thingies at retail stores all seem to be set up for righties.  But there are a lot of advantages to being lefty as well (for example, I can operate the… Read more »