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I’m out of shape…for TV

A couple of weeks ago, Comcast and I finally came up with a package we could agree on to resume my television service.  Basically, I get all my HD channels, HBO, a DVR and their new X1 platform for $20 more a month than I’m paying simply for internet and they get a 2-year commitment…. Read more »

Hold please…

Are you afflicted like me?  I can’t stop and it’s bugging me, how about you? I mean, it was cool when it first came out.  Think of how convenient when you needed a break or something important came up. Yeah, I’m talking about the “pause” button. At first, it was nothing short of a miracle! … Read more »

Out of step

Wow!  Fun Marlins victory last night and dramatic Heat victory last night and looks like someone got too distracted last night to post a blog.  Ah well, there’s always the weekend. We’ve covered movies and comics so far in “Funny Week”, so the next natural subject is television.  If ever there was evidence of humor… Read more »

A half-full glass on the bright side of a silver lining

I’m not mindlessly cheerful, I promise.  Heck, I’ve even been accused more than once of being pessimistic.  Neither description fits well, but my arrow tends to point more towards the first. One would have to ignore reality to not see, hear or read about bad things and bad people.  One would also have to be… Read more »