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The jungles of Man

Two weeks.  Jeez, only two weeks! I’m working through my “countdown task list” of the things I need to do before leaving my home for 2+ months.  Today was cutting back the front jungle and creating as much room in the storage closet as possible. Soon, though, it will be the other jungle I have… Read more »

I find your writing highly illogical

I’m about two-thirds complete with the second rewrite.  This is the fun part. The first rewrite is mainly basic editing (grammar, sentence structure) and clean-up (confusing or excessive dialog, shifting segments around).  That’s pure grind-it-out work.  The second rewrite is even more work, but at least its fun! Now is when I spend time filling… Read more »

Legal cheating

Yesterday’s post was out of character for my normally (and purposely) lighthearted blog.  However, seeing as I’ve taken a step down that path, maybe I’ll take another day or two to explore the darker side of human nature. Funny thing about cheating; in most instances, it’s against the law.  Cheat on your taxes?  Crime.  Cheat… Read more »