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Road Rage

The Great North American Baseball Road Trip (#GNABRT) is now mapped out.  It may seem like a long time until May 28th (departure day), but I know it will be here quicker than expected. With that in mind, this week is devoted to the random thoughts and plans that are in my head as I… Read more »

School’s back from summer!

You see what single living does to you? I was a little late getting started for the beach today (excellent writing day, though…even went through a full pen and had to go to my spare).  When I got out of my street and turned, there was a mass of cars inching around the intersection.  Oh… Read more »

Who names this stuff?

I was driving to the beach the other day…well, that’s not entirely accurate…I was sitting in my car in traffic the other day and I was once again reminded that the world is run by mysterious people bent on confusing all of us.  Their ultimate goal may be nothing more than that, for in our… Read more »