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Shop til you drop – Birthday BBQ style

The very last birthday BBQ week has some specific tasks that get done on specific days. These revolve around cleaning, set up, cooking and, of course, shopping. Time for a rundown of Shop til you drop – Birthday BBQ style! Wednesday – Everyday low prices Let’s face it, you could really do all your shopping… Read more »

Birthday BBQ D-minus 2: Refreshing the schedule

The rain is pushing back some of my needed Birthday BBQ preparations, most notably cleaning the patio. The upside to that is I have just enough time to post my final pre-BBQ blog. Welcome to Birthday BBQ D-minus 2: Refreshing the schedule. Usually, I am still in The Boys fresh market at this time, trying… Read more »

I see a fresh fruit and I want it painted black

So I’m back from my favorite farmer’s market (The Boys, in Delray Beach) the other day and feeling good, having fulfilled my entire produce wish list. Sure, I didn’t get my tub of de-boned whitefish, but I did find me a nice chunk of smoked cheddar, so munchies were satisfied. A big part of my… Read more »


After all this time, I should really know better. Various circumstances have prevented me from getting to my fresh market for a few weeks. Over that span of time, I have shopped the local Publix and Wal-Mart for citrus fruit and been left grievously disappointed. I decided to go against my better nature (and knowledge,… Read more »

My problem with prunes

Let’s just get it out there up front: I like prunes. No, wait, that’s doing a disservice to prunes. Let me clarify: I REALLY like prunes. I also like raisins a whole bunch and I’m a big fan of their poppas, plums and grapes, but I digress… For many people, prunes are simply a means… Read more »