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Shot in the arm

Welp, that clinches it. As part of my “Get fit to write” program (long story), I added back the abdominal exercises and proposed a return to my regular machine work on the Bowflex.  Nothing major at this point of life, just a little strengthening of the aging muscles. My upper arm has been giving me… Read more »

It’s good to feel bad

Okay, not exactly, but it is instructive. As mentioned previously, I recently had my first hamstring injury.  It was extremely painful, but clearly not of the “major” category as the pain is swiftly subsiding and I’m already into my recovery exercises. Being a new experience (and not terminal), I find the injury cool.  When I… Read more »

My baffling battle with interdimensional fat

That can be the only explanation. I stare agog at my tummy, now an actual tummy and I step on the scale and notice my weight is within a pound of where it has been for the last four years.  Where could this tummy have come from? My only conclusion is that it must not… Read more »

I wonder what the $6 Million Man’s deductible would be?

I’m sure it’s less than my Dad’s. Granted, Dad hasn’t reached that amount of scientific replacements in his body (but, to be fair, he didn’t suffer a terrible aerospace accident, either), but Dad is well on his way after his most current operation on his other shoulder. I got off the phone with Dad a… Read more »

Winning is everything

“How you play the game” doesn’t matter. It should.  Of course it should.  But it doesn’t. What triggers me to start this usually cheerful blog with such dour comments?  Read on… Having just finished the first half of the NBA basketball season and its mostly pointless All Star weekend, I was once again made incredulous… Read more »

Back to the future

At some point, all of us wonder what our future has in store for us.  More than likely, we think about this at multiple points across our lifespan and it’s interesting how those ponderings change as the years and experiences pile up. For example, when I was young, I imagined all sorts of exotic things… Read more »

Have bike will tour

Preparations, preparations, preparations. With the big D.C. road trip now less than a month away, details are firming up about times, dates and escapades.  One of the recent suggestions by my hosts up north was a tour around town via a Segway. Though I’ve never ridden a Segway, I have a lot of previous experience… Read more »

With a click of the wrist

Words that usually make you sigh:  “It’s always something”. Who knows when it happened, or what caused it.  Perhaps it was during my extended tennis play recently, back on three days a week and usually four sets each day.  Maybe it was working out on the Bowflex, bad form or advancing too soon to a… Read more »

Father’s Day, part 2 – Dad

Dad. A lot of life, memories and stories invested in that word.  Not all of it was positive, for sure.  My endless attempts to meet up to his lofty expectations led to developing a perfectionist complex that’s taken decades for me to (mostly) unwind.  And his occasional dips into worry over my ability to choose… Read more »

Troubled by bad credit

Do you or someone you know suffer from bad credit?  Have you felt the anger, frustration or resentment bad credit creates?  I sure have.  Why just today on the tennis court, bad credit sprung its ugly head once again.  Doubt me, do you?  Then read on! We’re playing our third (and last) set.  I’m paired… Read more »