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The last post for a while on my Great North American Baseball Road Trip (unless something noteworthy occurs)… I’m equal parts excited and frightened about this trip. The excitement should be obvious, even to a non-baseball fan:  39 stops, 37 cities, 27 states and 2 countries.  Most of which I’ve never visited before. The fear… Read more »

Roadside assistance

The second-to-last post on my upcoming Great North American Baseball Road Trip… This is going to be a long trip.  A lonnnnggg trip. Beyond the logistics, beyond the endurance, beyond all of that, I’m going to need some assistance along the way to pull this off. That’s where, hopefully, local friends will come in. Now,… Read more »

Signs point to yes

Continuing on a theme that may just consume this week, in reply to the inevitable question “why?” about my Great North American Baseball Road Trip (#GNABRT), I began a list of reasons why this is “the” year to take the trip. Here follows a non-exhaustive and in no particular order detailing: – It’s my “double… Read more »

Charity case

I was chatting with my friend about the exemplary performance of one of my favorite companies (and large stock holding), Apple.  I mentioned if my other core holding had a similarly great announcement this afternoon, I was going to take a vacation. When he asked where I would go, I popped out the “visit every… Read more »