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Flatland training

I was out at dinner with my friend for her birthday the other night and because she is my friend, conversation also turned to me and my impending Great North American Baseball Road Trip (#GNABRT). I told her of my new hiking shoes and my plan to increase my walking distances each week as well… Read more »

5 by 5 by 55

I’m a man with a plan. Now that I’ve started walking daily again, I thought maybe I should have a goal.  Generally, I walk for fun, health and to think (or not think, as needed).  I was considering that next week I should jump the walk up from four to five miles and another thought… Read more »

Have bike will tour

Preparations, preparations, preparations. With the big D.C. road trip now less than a month away, details are firming up about times, dates and escapades.  One of the recent suggestions by my hosts up north was a tour around town via a Segway. Though I’ve never ridden a Segway, I have a lot of previous experience… Read more »