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Under-size me, please

I was out with a friend for lunch the other day at a hamburger place which had large signs on the wall extolling their excellence in quotes from various magazines and newspapers.  One of these read “The best $5 hamburger around” (or something like that).  I thought that was a dismaying idea, to brag about… Read more »


As a word lover, I’m always interested how new words get added to the lexicon or how a word suddenly “catches fire” and ends up being used (and overused) by everyone.  Driven either by popular entertainment or cultural blending, the words or phrases become almost a self-parody by the people ultimately using them. Examples of… Read more »

Let’s do lunch

One of the more bemusing conventions of modern society is the tendency to arrange many social engagements around food. I think I’ve got it figured out (not that it’s that difficult).  I mean, we don’t have to see family, friends and co-workers (well, maybe them, but only for a little bit), but we do have… Read more »