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Running on empty

And I was so looking forward to seeing my floor again. Between donations, giveaways, review copies and freebies, I had finally dwindled all my stock of the first editions of my three books down to a few remaining edit copies.  My office once again began to resemble a work space rather than a booth at… Read more »

Opportunity lost

Well, that figures. I received the copies of Books One and Three (What if? and What Now?) and was excited to finally get everything up for sale again.  The copies came last night.  Let’s get started, right?  Not so fast, you wascally wabbit. The final book in the trilogy, What Now?, was fine.  Great.  Ready… Read more »

And awaaay we go!

And we’re off! “What Now?” has been released to my publisher. Now the pre-publication process begins.  First there is formatting for printing and a final proof.  Simultaneously, the discussions with the cover designer begin.  Final confirmations will lead to a galley copy and the big “OK” on the book’s printing and release to the distributor…. Read more »

Hit the deadline or make dead sure it’s a hit

Slipping in a quickie on a happy holidays week! I’m at risk.  I think. My recent rewrite has added 30 pages to the book.  30!!  Normally, I’m trimming pages in the rewrite, so this took me by surprise.  It also challenges me to hit my deadline to get the book released by mid-January. My books are… Read more »

Spaced out

Just a few minutes ago, I was barren as a desert.  No blog yesterday.  Nothing today.  What would my faithful readership think? “Thanks for small favors” comes to mind, but enough sarcasm.  Read on… Chatting, as usual, brought up the subject of “What Next?” and a reader’s frustration at having it end with so much… Read more »

The waiting

My Dad has occasionally used the phrase “hurry up and wait” around me.  Often, he is referring to drivers who feel a compulsion to zip up to a red light. Currently, it is the feeling I experience as I wait for the process to complete that makes my book available through the various sales channels…. Read more »

Galley Ho!

After battling with a prolonged cold (two weeks, can you believe?), I’ve finally managed to go through the “official” review of the galley copy of “What Next?”. For those of you unfamiliar to the process, a “galley” copy is created from the final manuscript and is used to verify the book prior to actual publication. … Read more »

Good things come in two’s

This was going to be the start of another “themed” week, but I’m going to take a small detour and set that up for next week. The premise was going to be on my “quirks”, be they personality or otherwise.  The thought I had behind that was based on the excellent progress I have been… Read more »

Miss Communication

Back when I was working in Finance at my last company, I started up a newsletter for the Finance group (about 240 employees).  When I began, it was a little 4-page thing (really just two-pages, front and back) and I managed to keep it up more or less regularly on a monthly basis. As the… Read more »

Hold, please

Well. I certainly didn’t plan on taking this long to get Book 2 of my trilogy out to all of you.  In fact, I was eagerly anticipating its release to hear back from you what you thought of Jeremy’s new journeys and dilemma. But as I got further along in the book, I relaized something… Read more »