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It’s the way it is said

Social media has ushered in great changes to the world. From communication to connection, the various media have opened up and brought together many people. An embarrassment of riches in both content and comment. And sometimes, just plain embarrassment. Not because of what is said, but because of the way it is said. Before I… Read more »

Two edits do not make a right

Who watches the watchmen? As early feedback comes in from my previewers (as opposed to reviewers), it has once again become apparent to me that the old adage about two wrongs has vastly wider potential than its common use.  For example, within my editing process, I run a pass through the book to clean it… Read more »

Galley Ho!

After battling with a prolonged cold (two weeks, can you believe?), I’ve finally managed to go through the “official” review of the galley copy of “What Next?”. For those of you unfamiliar to the process, a “galley” copy is created from the final manuscript and is used to verify the book prior to actual publication. … Read more »