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No experience preferred

Let’s continue on our tour of mankind’s less admirable side during what may be called “Dark week” here on the JMD blog…our first in that genre ever! In prior weeks’ posts, I have suggested I might once again dabble in the working world.  A combination of factors such as finances, socialization and downright boredom could… Read more »

Parking lot palaver

Today’s entry in the time-honored “don’t rush to judgement” category… Sometimes, particularly on Sundays (while reading the fat newspaper), I like to have a totally sweet breakfast.  This usually revolves around some sort of cookie, cake or bakery item and a tall glass of milk (sadly, 2% these days, one of my few concessions to better… Read more »

“But you’re a man…”

Call it what you will.  Profiling.  Stereotyping.  Prejudice.  Bias.  Inequality.  I strive to avoid either thinking or acting in ways which limit open-mindedness and fight this behavior in others when I can.  Recently, I was almost the victim of such perfidious inconsideration.  By nothing more than my gender, I was nearly precluded from a joyous… Read more »