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Thinking bad thoughts

Nah. Just not interested. I’m on day 6 of “backgate”. the mysterious malady that’s disabled my lower back since right before my birthday BBQ and these several days after. During that time, I received numerous suggestions of what to do. Some people suggested advanced therapeutic aids, others medical specialists, still others meds. In reply to… Read more »

The high cost of optimism

Day 3 of “Downer week” on the JMD blog. Dad was able to go through the kidney biopsy today, so we look forward to finally getting to the bottom of this in the next 48 hours.   In the meantime, read on… I’m a big fan in the power of positive thinking.  I think it… Read more »

What’s up(beat)?

I was walking with a friend of mine on the beach yesterday (and a beautiful day it was, with the coolish water warming nicely by the end of our walk) and she was telling me about her new job that she was starting next week. She had given herself a week in between the old… Read more »