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I knew I could…I knew I could…

Here, Sisyphus, you can have your stone back…I’m done. I’m done! The journey that began (with extraordinary synchronicity) exactly one month ago here and then continued two weeks later here is now completed. My comic books are now all newly graded, bagged, boxed and, most importantly, put away in my office closet. That’s one whole month, working… Read more »

Working the line

Welp, I’m about two weeks into the Great Comic Book Grading, Bagging, Boxing and Recording in a Database I Create Myself, otherwise known as the GCBGBBRDICM. Er, well, no, no one knows it as that. If anyone, including myself tried calling it that we’d have to wipe the spittle off of whoever we were trying… Read more »


It. Is. Time. Well past time, really. After 15 years of handing out hundreds of comic books every Halloween, I have finally whittled down my vast storehouse of comics to a single closet. Admittedly, a single highly and deeply stacked closet, but, yes, a single closet. So did it come to me that yea, ’twas… Read more »