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Paperback memories

Now that I’m back in the reading saddle, I can see the end in the trail ahead.  Soon, all too soon, I’ll run out of “real” books and have to switch over to my Kindle. That’s okay, actually, since I need to catch up on the enormous backlog from my review group (sorry, gang!), but… Read more »

Turning the page

Appropriately titled and appropriately delayed (it’s always hard to let go of the past), it’s the final day of Nostalgia Week!  Today, let’s take a trip to do some shopping at soon-to-be memories stores of my youth.     The record store Long before CD’s were sold in your supermarket, heck, long before they were… Read more »

Toys for tots

Welcome to day 2 of “Nostalgia Week”. Back before alliterative charities for donating toys, the headline term simply referred to the amusements around the house for the kiddies.  Let’s walk down a little of my memory lane and see what I played with.  If there’s a bit of a leaning towards crafts, well, that’s to… Read more »

Kid in a candy shop

Yesterday, I posted comparing my sunburned complexion with Atomic Fireballs candy.  Today, a comment on that post gave me the idea for today’s blog (can you say “Circle of Life”, Simba?).  It also reminded me that I haven’t done a theme week in a while, so welcome to “Nostalgia Week”.  Even you young whippersnappers may… Read more »