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That sounds like a cool idea

More than a week past my very last birthday BBQ, things are well back in order around the JMD household. During the BBQ, I brought up my desire to plan something big for my roundy next year. The general consensus was “that sounds like a cool idea”. Then I threw it open to the floor…. Read more »

Traveling with the TARDIS

Now my training is complete. Okay, sure, I’m mixing my sci-fi references there, but it’s a free-form blog here at so run with it. I’ve taken up the final phase in my training for my various national park stops on the GNABRT.  I have added the backpack to my daily walks.  This has led… Read more »

Unhappy trails

I tested out a new walking path this morning, in preparation for expanding my walking distance and adding some variety at the same time. The walk was in adjacent development area, moving more north-south than my regular east-west walk.  This led to some interesting results. For one, north-south is much easier to walk.  We get… Read more »