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Is my face red!

A special emergency Sunday edition of the blog for a big mea culpa! So there I am, cleaning the shower doors and mirrors when I am saved from my least favorite thing in the world (cleaning) by the sound of an email.  Now, normally, an email isn’t enough to get me to jump up and… Read more »

I never made these mistakes on my typewriter…

Sometimes I just can’t write.  Sometimes it’s mental, like we discussed yesterday.  Sometimes it’s physical, the vagaries of health.  Sometimes it’s tropical, as the mercurial weather of my beloved state can wreak havoc with little warning and at any time. During such times, I try to be productive by working on the editing/cleaning up of… Read more »

Miss Communication

She’s back, this time once again sharing contributions from our blog followers. Authors, beginner and established, are begged to use professional editors to make sure problems don’t crop up in their writing.  But what happens when even the editors miss a beat?  Take  a look at this month’s installment that we just had to call, Headline… Read more »