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Goodbye Mr. Spalding

It’s been asked why I am planning this Great North American Baseball Road Trip and there is an answer.  Take a look at this nugget I dug out of my old MySpace blog from “way” back in 2010:   It’s baseball season again. Hoo hah! As I attended my 8th or 9th consecutive home opener… Read more »

What exactly IS the First Amendment?

South Florida is well-known as a melting pot of cultures and perspectives.  Today our pot has moved from melting to boiling. The short of it:  the new manager of the Miami Marlins caused a bit more than a stir when he was quoted in Time Magazine as saying he “loved” Fidel Castro.  He attempted to… Read more »

The dogs kids love to bite!

Those of you old enough to remember that famous jingle (or happened to hear it in the movie “Demolition Man”) know that today’s installment of “Food Week” on the JMD blog is about hot dogs.  Now, read on… Being one of the potentially most mysterious of foods (as a child, you had to make sure… Read more »

We are the champions

More than once on this blog you’ve read me going on about how lucky a life I’ve had.  This is not intended as bragging or one-upmanship and I certainly don’t want to bore you with endless repetition of a theme.  But I am deeply appreciative of what I have; living in a country of great… Read more »

The roaring of the crowd

They flip you off in traffic.  You moan about them in check out lines.  They annoy you.  You aggravate them.  But put them all together in a round bowl with colorful people running around and we’re all closer than our own family. The bonding of all those disparate personalities, some of whom we wouldn’t spend… Read more »