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It’s feasible!


Just returned from my brain session with Glen at Home Depot and the planogram for the Halloween driveway takeover is doable!

Based on in-stock materials, I can construct a “wall”, currently envisioned as 10′ x 4′, and then load … Read the rest

Shaken, not stirred

Ah, the stability of the printed word.

I was working hard on the front landscape this morning, caparisoned in my usual landscape gear: long sleeve shirt, jeans, junky shoes, glasses, face mask and hat.

Today was a particularly nice morning, … Read the rest

The record shows, I took the blows

And the blows win.

Long ago I posted a tirade about my evil oak tree and its daily dumpings on my front patio.  That’s the injury.

More than once a month, I get the insult added to my travails.  The … Read the rest

Rooting out the problem

For some reason, the only “altercations” I have had with my homeowner’s association over the 16+ years living here have been around trees and landscaping.

I pay my fees on time, do the repainting, cleaning and fixing without complaint.  But … Read the rest