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I need more headaches

The only thing I try to avoid more than taking medicine is going to doctors. Inevitably, at some point, I’ve got to take some medicine for some ailment.  It may be an infrequent cold or a sore throat or a more often, but still not frequent, headache. The “problem” with getting sick just often enough… Read more »

GNABRT Day 10 – What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay long

Continuing from last night’s abbreviated blog, the screaming headache devolved into a pounding headache, but the Great North American Baseball Road Trip will brook no whining, so I was off at pre-dawn as usual. The trip was eventful only in the sense of the headache and the dwindling gas in my tank due to mistaking… Read more »

The danger of overeading

No, not a typo, gentle reader, if you but read on… After a rare pause for an actual current event, we’re back to random babblings about topics which may or not be of any interest, but, as this blog is nothing but an endless stream of randomness, one way or the other, that certainly can… Read more »