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Bulk buying can lead to bulk eating

Time for this week’s “blast from the past” off my old Myspace blog.  Particularly relevant, since after today’s lunch with the parents, I’m off to pick up some green and red peppers and make a batch for tonight!   Oboy. Full day here at JDville. In between shopping at the fresh market, fixing door knobs… Read more »

Rubbing me the right way

I was chatting with some people yesterday (you’ll find many of my blogs come from chatting with other people) and we were talking about ribs and bbq sauces and tastes. Now, they were talking about oven baking and what not, but thankfully, here in balmy South Florida, we can use the bbq grill all year… Read more »

On to the next 50!

Birthday week – the epilogue Bringing birthday week to a close with the second half of our two-part final post.  Let’s set the stage of what has gone before… I had the idea of throwing a big 50th birthday bash for all my friends and family.  I invited dozens of people, a good portion of… Read more »

50 is the new…50?

Birthday week concludes… Phew.  Between extended hours birthday activities and a revisit from the chest cold thingy, I missed posting yesterday; that leads to a rare Sunday post. I’ve noticed that each succeeding birthday post has gotten longer and today’s is no exception.  I’m thinking it might have to be split into two posts.  This… Read more »