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They’re everywhere! They’re everywhere! Aaaahh! The early part of my morning walk is on a path that is riddled with especially industrious ants. In order to maintain a brisk walking pace, I need to focus on the ground ahead in order to sidestep destroying their homes and structures. For whatever reason, some sixth sense (spider… Read more »

GNABRT Day 25 – One less glacier to cross

Apparently, all that walking practice worked. Waking up today in cold, but windless Kalispell, the Great North American Baseball Road Trip took the reasonably short ride over to West Glacier, the convenient entrance to the Glacier National Park. Starting extra early, I had the intention of joining a ranger-led hike so I could (a) find… Read more »

GNABRT day 24 – South of the border

Canadian, that is. A pure travel day for the Great North American Baseball Road Trip.  Plenty of activity both actual and mental as the day progressed. Foremost to be mentioned is that every vista during the drive was amazing.  I won’t use the word “unbelievable”, since many people have gazed on the natural displays before,… Read more »

Flatland training

I was out at dinner with my friend for her birthday the other night and because she is my friend, conversation also turned to me and my impending Great North American Baseball Road Trip (#GNABRT). I told her of my new hiking shoes and my plan to increase my walking distances each week as well… Read more »

A small act of faith

Sometimes you just have to take a leap. I’ve been loathe to book any advance lodging plans for my Great North American Baseball Road Trip (GNABRT) because of all the what ifs that could alter my plans (like, what if there’s a rainout, what if the schedule changes, what if I get delayed). I have… Read more »

Shoestring budget

It might just feel like “clothing week” here on the JMD blog and that has to have you all aquiver with reading excitement! Sometime today (thanks to Amazon Prime 2-day free shipping – free plug!), I will receive my decision for hiking shoes.  After some research and some actual foot-testing fits, I have decided on… Read more »