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Game of phones

There’s a madman on the throne! I heard a word used the other day, in one of the endless stream of talking heads discussing Donald Trump. The word was swiftly passed by and not given a second thought, but I thought, instantly, it is such the correct word. Fealty. There’s been much talk that Donald… Read more »

Looking for a hero? Try a sandwich shop!

You won’t find one in modern entertainment. Having just reread a fantasy book of massive proportions (popularity and pages), in conjunction with the sum total of various movies that I’ve gone to this year, it has become clear that the definition of “hero” has been blurred so much as to not exist in popular fiction…. Read more »

Taste test

It’s been said (often) that love is blind.  In reality, it’s all a matter of taste.  Someone else looks at a couple and determines that for one reason or another, the two don’t belong together, based on their personal taste. On the other hand, when it comes to reading, there are some people and books that just… Read more »