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Blast from the past – # 3 of 2011: “Spanking whitey”

Continuing our best of 2011 blogs with #3: Golf, or as my friend sometimes calls it, “spanking whitey” (hey I don’t make ‘em up, I just report ‘em), is the ultimate mind-games sport.  It’s terrible and terrific.  Exciting and exasperating.  Frustrating and fun.  And all of that can come on a single hole. Whoever created… Read more »

Too much of a good thing

We’ve all heard that one before, right?  Maybe it’s about food; maybe fun; maybe even love.  I’ve got a new one to add to the list.  Read on… I’ve blogged a number of times about my intense loyalty.  To people, to places and to products.  While there are some concessions I’ve made to inflation and… Read more »