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After all this time, I should really know better. Various circumstances have prevented me from getting to my fresh market for a few weeks. Over that span of time, I have shopped the local Publix and Wal-Mart for citrus fruit and been left grievously disappointed. I decided to go against my better nature (and knowledge,… Read more »

Sin-cerely conflicted

I’m plagued by the seven deadly sins. In trying to avoid one, I seem to fall prey to another. I blame my doctor. One of the precepts of getting old is that you tend to age faster physically than chronologically. I think if it were a math formula, it would be something like this: B… Read more »

Getting fresh

The rains began moving in late yesterday with the promise of a wet weekend.  As the downpour began in the evening, my disappointment with the certainty of no tennis the next day (today) was counterbalanced by the thrill of our first true evening thunderstorm, a gorgeous mixture of sight, sound and water. I was just… Read more »


“Food Week” continues on the JMD blog… I’ve already posted many times my pleasure cooking meals.  Perceptive readers will notice that most of this conversation revolves around main courses.  This is not because I dislike vegetables, to the contrary.  However, I have steered away from cooking veggies for the mot part, leaning more heavily on… Read more »

What happened to small lemons?

Jeepers!  With my tennis mornings and poker nights falling on the same days, I have been squeezed to get my blogs done daily (as some of you have no doubt seen with my irregular publishing schedule). My intention was to start earlier on those days (Tuesdays and Thursdays) to make sure something got posted every… Read more »

Shopping infidelity

Welcome to Shopping Week here on the JMD blog.  For the next five days, expect to see posts on various aspects of shopping and my adventures therein.  Thus, without further preamble… Up until the last couple years of my life, I have been a faithful shopper indeed.  I touched on this remotely in a previous… Read more »