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I refuse to change my Will

It’s not easy, committing something to paper and sticking with it no matter the circumstances that compel you to change.  It’s easier to bow to convention and follow the traditional routes.  Overall, that’s the safest way to write the words that will last beyond my lifetime. I recently had reason to consider the trouble I… Read more »

Judge not, lest you miss a good book

It seems I may be the victim of prejudice. As I put the finishing touches on the final installment in my fantasy adventure book series, the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures, I am seeing and hearing a recurring theme about my first book, “What if?” The comments, boiled down to this:  “Based on the cover, I thought… Read more »

Left-brain writing

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, which is just another way of saying it’s time to get started on Book 3 of the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures, “What Now?” With that on the docket, I thought we’d spend a (brief) bit of time talking about my writing process, specifically the structure around my writing.  I’ll… Read more »

The waiting

My Dad has occasionally used the phrase “hurry up and wait” around me.  Often, he is referring to drivers who feel a compulsion to zip up to a red light. Currently, it is the feeling I experience as I wait for the process to complete that makes my book available through the various sales channels…. Read more »

Too much of a tease?

Book Two is published. It will take some time for the distributor and online sales sites to update all their locations, so the book is only on sale at my publisher (Booklocker) and not at all your favorite online retailers. Similarly, it takes a little while for the e-versions of the book to make it… Read more »