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Working up my cover story

It’s time to go undercover.  Or, more precisely, into the cover. The next step in preparing the book for release is designing the cover and writing the cover copy.  Fortunately, I get aid in the first task, though nothing I can use right away. When I imagined the cover for Book One of the trilogy… Read more »

Two edits do not make a right

Who watches the watchmen? As early feedback comes in from my previewers (as opposed to reviewers), it has once again become apparent to me that the old adage about two wrongs has vastly wider potential than its common use.  For example, within my editing process, I run a pass through the book to clean it… Read more »

…she said in a clam voice.

Editing is tough work, but sometimes it is also inadvertently amusing. One of the most important things to remember about writing is not to rely on your computer software to “fix” all your problems.  There are some powerful aids built into the products out on the market, but nothing beats a pair of eyes (or… Read more »

Judge not, lest you miss a good book

It seems I may be the victim of prejudice. As I put the finishing touches on the final installment in my fantasy adventure book series, the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures, I am seeing and hearing a recurring theme about my first book, “What if?” The comments, boiled down to this:  “Based on the cover, I thought… Read more »