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Turkey day every day

A not-quite lifetime ago, I awaited the holidays with a mixture of eagerness and solemnity (25¢ word!). My excitement, of course, was knowing I would get time off from work (except when I worked retail). My solemnity would come as I grew thoughtful and pensive during the holidays, a time for consideration and introspection for… Read more »

The yin-yang of Thanksgiving dinner

I’ll be having Thanksgiving dinner with my sister and her friends; it should be terrific. I’ll be having Thanksgiving dinner with my sister and her friends; it should be awful. That’s the thing about family, you can have the most wonderful time or the most trying time. Or both, I suppose. Usually, the holidays are… Read more »

Moms, moms everywhere…

…and a card for every one. I am surrounded by plenty of Moms.  As all of you are, too.  My Stepmom is all that remains of the family group, but there is my sister (Mom of 2) and plenty of good friends (Moms of many). I have known some of them all my life and… Read more »

Finally, a Father’s Day together!

Without intending, this looks like it’s turning into “Niece week”, with at least another niece related post on the docket for tomorrow. It was just after we had finished our first set of tennis yesterday when my phone rang.  My tennis partner looked at me and said “That’s yours” as if he needed to say… Read more »

A family takes time

How do all you people do it? I’ve often wondered what my life would have been like if I had married and had a family.  Those thoughts occurred more frequently in the last few years (perhaps because I have had more time to think about things in those years). I’ve never come up with a… Read more »

Hand me downs

I was going through my semi-annual cleaning last week (ok, ok, I clean a bit more often than that, but I can dream, can’t I?) and used my usual assortment of “Grandma” towels in the process. This, of course, got me to thinking how many items of legacy I still own.  Granted, de-threading towels are… Read more »

What’s so great about being great?

When I was a lad, I collected baseball cards, read books about baseball and watched baseball on TV when I could (having no professional team in Florida).  I really wanted to be a great baseball player. I was talented in the outfield.  I ran fast, had excellent anticipation for the ball off the bat and had… Read more »

What not to discuss at a family lunch

This past Saturday, I got a call from Dad inviting me to lunch.  He said it “fell together” that my sister and one of her daughters, my cousin and my Dad and Stepmom were all meeting at a French restaurant for a little lunch and could I make it? I got the call as I… Read more »

The best gift

It’s a constant reassurance to me that I am forever being taught new lessons…or reminded of old ones. For several weeks, I had been chewing on the idea of visiting my best friend and her family for Christmas in Vegas.  I’ve done it every year since they moved, but I was given pause by the… Read more »