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It’s so sad

You’re probably expecting this to be a post about the election. Wrong! Feel free to get your fill on that subject through social media and cable news. I’m certain you’ll be inundated. Here on the JMD blog, we only discuss important things, such as what can cause the blue feeling suggested by today’s headline. It’s… Read more »

Sin-cerely conflicted

I’m plagued by the seven deadly sins. In trying to avoid one, I seem to fall prey to another. I blame my doctor. One of the precepts of getting old is that you tend to age faster physically than chronologically. I think if it were a math formula, it would be something like this: B… Read more »

Batman vs Superman

Longtime readers know I’m now into my fifth decade of reading comics. That’s right, from imaginative little boy to imaginative not-as-little-as-I-should-be man. Throughout that half-century, my favorite DC superhero was always Superman. Up until the millennial generation, that was because he was always more hero before super. Since then, he’s become just another aimless super-strong… Read more »

Time to hit those New Year’s resolutions

Excellent. My holiday season is over, so while you have to deal with Thanksgiving (my sister’s job) and Christmas (no kids and my nieces are both grown), I can get a head start on my New Year’s resolutions. Nothing so grand, just regular stuff. Let’s break it down into 4 big categories: Home is where… Read more »

Overstepping myself

Ouchies. As regular readers know, I’ve been trying to extend my walking distance each week in preparation for some upcoming hiking at some National Parks along the way on my GNABRT. This week, I was knocked off my daily schedule by significant soreness in the tendons behind my knees.  This surprised me, as I have… Read more »

My baffling battle with interdimensional fat

That can be the only explanation. I stare agog at my tummy, now an actual tummy and I step on the scale and notice my weight is within a pound of where it has been for the last four years.  Where could this tummy have come from? My only conclusion is that it must not… Read more »

The key to productivity: A niece.

Who knew? My niece came by for chatter, a walk and lunch with me and her Grandparents.  During the walk, we discussed many things.  College, degrees, jobs, careers, interviews, etc.  She was extra amped over the impending Spring Break (what college student doesn’t get excited by a week off?). I mentioned it was coming at a… Read more »

The sounds of man

It’s been a while since the last blog.  Frankly, I just didn’t have much fodder for blogging and my long-standing motto is “better no blog than a bad blog”. Of course, some of you might take issue with the posts I considered “good” blogs, but dem’s da breaks when you follow a personal blog.  Now, read… Read more »

Unlucky stiff

<Quirk week will be delayed a day for medical reasons as detailed below.  Now, read on…> Wow.  Just wow. I recognize the inevitability; I do.  Combine the irresistible force of continued physical activity with the immovable object of advancing age and I know that I am going to incur increasing chances of soreness.  But still,… Read more »


When I was a kid, my Grandma would constantly admonish me to “sit up straight” (along with “don’t cross your eyes”, but that’s a different post).  My Mom also had that advice, more along the lines of “don’t slouch”.  My Dad’s warning was “stand up straight”. Neither Mom or Grandma are around anymore (at least… Read more »